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Full of data all around Korea!
Enjoy speedy wireless internet service at prices you can afford.


Speedy delivery of data
in a speed of 4G LTE


Massive and enrich data!
Simultaneous connect to
smart phone and tablet!


Enjoy automatic roaming
without burden with law rate!


Available to use one terminal
by 5 persons at maximum
(recommendable to be used
by 2~3 persons)!

Guides of fee

Country daily LTE supply Rental fee Discount
(From 6th day)
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  • Order/Payment
  • Use guide
  • Cancellation/Refund
  • Reservation /Extension
  • Failure/Loss
  • Receipt/Return
Q : I had paid after reservation but my order was cancelled .
A : Your order may be cancelled depending on the condition of inventories. In this case, the rent you paid for lease of terminal will be refunded by the staff of customer center of widemobile within 1~2 days (based on business day) after reservation.
Q : For what will the credit card number for online reservation application be used?
A : When you enter a credit card information for reservation, the number of it will be used for guarantee against loss/damage of terminal and payment for supplementary and additional fee.
Q : How to use the 'WiFi Dosirak' ?
A : You may turn on the power of terminal and activate the Wi-fi of smart phone you have.
Q : If I am gonna take a trip for three nights four days and desires to lease the Wi-Fi-Dosirak, is it ok for me to apply for 3 day period ?
A : Wi-Fi- Dosirak is available to use only when you make period -based payment whatever it is used for that period. If you take a trip for three nights four days, you must pay for rent for 4 days.
Q : Can I use WiFi Dosirak even my smart-phone is 3G phone?
A : WiFi Dosirak is a service to convert 3G / 4G communication network of local telecom company into Wi-Fi signal and is available with all terminals to which wireless internet access is available including 4G LTE / 3G smart phone/ lap top/ and tablet PC.
Q : My travel has been cancelled. Please refund rent for the terminal.
A : If a reservation is cancelled due to cancellation and modification of schedule, you may cancel and apply for refund on the reservation inquiry page.

※ Please be informed that no reservation cancelled can be restore.
※ Rent is nonrefundable if you don't receive randomly without cancellation request after reservation.
※ Cancellations due to flight cancellations or natural disasters will be fully refunded.
※ Cancellation of reservation necessary for confirmation of administer may take 1~2 business days( based on weekdays)
Q : I return the terminal earlier than schedule. Will I still be able to get a refund the rent for unused time ?
A : No. partial refund for the reason of earlier return of terminal is not available.
Q : I would like to know your refund policy.
A : - If you request for cancellation of lease at main office of our company for the reason of low expectation of "access condition /slowdown speed" on the first day of lease, refund is available from the date of that request (However, if the terminal is used after receipt of that request for cancellation, the amount of refund will be deducted by the number of that use. The use is based on 100MB and more per day.)
- Even if you request for cancellation of lease at main office of our company for the reason of low expectation of "access condition /slowdown speed" during using after the first day of lease, refund is available as described above. However, lease period lapses by more than half of total lease period, it is considered that you used by taking account of network condition of the area of use and it is not refundable.
-Check of the details of use for refund may take 1 month at minimum after completion of return of terminal.
- If the lease of terminal is not available due to lack of inventories, we will refund the rent paid and cancelled by you through the staff of customer center within 1~2 days (based on business day) from reservation date.
- Partial refund is not available when you come back from your travel.
Q : My schedule of travel becomes longer than the one reserved and paid. How I can apply for extension?
A : If you want to extend the service, please file an application with the customer center(+82-2-775-1401).
Q : I entered incorrect information for reservation .
A : If you register incorrect information for reservation, you may correct it by contacting customer center in person prior to finalization of reservation.
Q : How can I make a reservation inquiry?
A : You can check the details in "Reservation inquiry" menu.

[How to view reservation]
1. Select 'Schedule Display' from the top menu.
2. Enter the e-mail and order number you entered when making the reservation.
3. Reservation details are available.
(※ If you can not view, please contact customer center.)
Q : How must I do when I lost the terminal during using it?
A : In such case, additional fee noticed will be charged in case of loss, theft and damage of terminals.
Q : I cannot turn on Wi-Fi-Dosirak.
A : 1. Push and hold (for 10 seconds) the power button for checking whether the terminal is turned on or not
2. If the battery indicator does not work while connecting to charger, it may be the failure of charger. In this case, check whether the terminal is charged with other charger or not (For android smart phone, it may be charged with 5-pin charger)
3. If the terminal is completely discharged, battery indicator will work only when the charger is connected for a long time (charger indicator will work on the screen when the charge is made for not less than 10 minutes)
Q : I enter department gate without returning Wi-Fi-Dosirak terminal.
A : You must return the terminal before going through departure procedure without fail or you must return it by using international courier services for package including EMS or DHL and shipping cost and additional rent up to the date of arrival of device must be borne by customers.
Q : How I receive and return the terminal?
A : Please visit the roaming center you selected while making a reservation and present the voucher. Return of the terminal is available at all the WiFi Dosirak roaming center. For a check of Wi-Fi-Dosirak roaming center (place to receive and return the terminal) nationwide, please select the menu of 'Receipt/Return' on the top.
Q : When the reservation ticket and exchange voucher are delivered?
A : Upon completion of reservation, you may print out the exchange vouer on the page of reservation completion or through e-mail.




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